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Plainsview Medical Dental Centre

Plainsview Medical Dental Centre, dental office or dental clinic in Burlington is a brand new location meant to fit a lot of your health needs in one building. Constructed off the strong roots of Plainsview Pharmacy who is well-established in the community, Plainsview Medical Dental Centre now adds a Walk-in Clinic/Family Practice, Dentist and Physio Therapist.
Our Physicians are currently accepting patients into their practices. Make certain you contact us or click on the Brand new Patient Request below in order to arrange for a meet plus greet appointment. We are focused on healing the local community, one-by-one.
We have been a traditional family medication practice who values great patient care. Our goal is to give total care to patients in every stage of life, whether it be infants, pediatrics, adolescence, obstetrics, grownup or geriatrics. We try our best to ensure continuity of care to our rostered patients. We have been currently accepting new patients, please apply as a new patient by clicking the link below.

Flu Shot Vaccination

This particular flu or influenza can pop up at any time and have you bed ridden for times with good fever, malaise and weakness. Unlike the common cold, flu can guide to serious difficulties including hospitalization and in some instances death. Protect yourself by visiting Response Medical each fall for your yearly flu vaccine.
Travel Vaccination: Stay fit Whilst Abroad

Traveling abroad?

Journey illnesses can put a damper on your holiday and prevent you from enjoying your time abroad. From malaria to yellow fever protection, we can recommend the best vaccines and provide tips to stay healthy and happy no matter where you’re traveling to.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Minimal surgery is defined as a set of processes in which short operative techniques are applied on superficial tissues. There are many conditions that can be treated quickly and easily by simple operations, which just require a little local anesthetic and a few minutes of your time. Our center helps to ensure that you are well educated and all of your questions and concerns are addressed before the treatment. We are fully committed to providing you with the most advanced and effective treatment.

Some of the many procedures we are able to perform in the clinic are:

  1. Skin tags/Skin lesion and biopsy, mole removal/biopsy
  2. Warts (Verruca) destruction treatment
  3. Lipomas/Sebaceous cyst removal
  4. Joint injections
  5. Trigger point injections and More.

Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

Influenza (or flu) is the common respiratory illness influencing millions of Canadians every year. In Canada, influenza season usually runs through November to April.

The best  way to safeguard yourself from the influenza is usually to be vaccinated each 12 months in the fall.

What is the flu vaccine? 

  1.          An immunization made each twelve months against strains of influenza virus that are expected to be circulating in the community in the up-coming influenza season.
  2.             The vaccine stimulates the whole immune system to build antibodies against influenza, rendering it better and able to fight off the disease before it starts.

What is the best vaccine for my child?

  1.              The traditional vaccine injection given in the arm is safe and works well to prevent influenza infection in kids.
  2.              The expert admonitory committee on vaccines in Canada (National Advisory Display on Immunization (NACI)) says that a vaccine spray in the nose (Flumist®) can provide better protection in children from two upwards to six years of age.
  3.            Flumist® will be offered, depending on convenience, to children and children 2 through 17 years of age at health care providers’ offices and Halton Region Health Department clinics. Getting pharmacies to participate will offer FluMist to children and adolescents older five through 17 years.

How well does the vaccine protect against the flu?

  1.              The vaccine is 60% -- 80% effective in avoiding flu in healthy grownups and children when at present there is a good match in between the strains within the shot and people in blood flow. In the elderly, the particular shot is about fifty percent as effective since this is in healthy grownups and children.
  2.             Remember the particular influenza vaccine cannot avoid other forms of infections moving in the fall/winter a few months that could cause disease much like influenza.
  3.            The body needs fourteen days in order to build up security so as to the flu virus right after you receive your immunization and protection may final upward to 1 yr.

Who should get the vaccine?

  1.             The National Advisory Panel on Immunization (NACI), which usually advises the Public Wellness Agency of Canada, suggests the flu vaccine with regard to everyone 6 months old and older.
  2.            It is particularly recommended for persons:
  3.             at high risk for difficulties of flu
  4.            who might spread influenza to high-risk folks
  5.             who provide important community services

When will be the best time for you to obtain the vaccine?

  1.             Between Oct and mid-November each 12 months.
  2.             It is recommended in order to receive the vaccine prior to influenza reaches the local community but it can become given even after presently there is influenza activity.
  3.              It is also recommended with regard to travellers to destinations exactly where influenza is likely in order to be circulating.

The number of dosages of the vaccine I should have?

  1.            Adults should get 1 dose of the particular vaccine every year.
  2.              Children under 9 years associated with age who have in no way received a seasonal influenza immunization should receive two doses of vaccine provided a minimum of 4 weeks aside.
  3.              They are then suggested to receive 1 dosage each year thereafter.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

  1.    You can speak to us if you have any question or contact your regional health department.
  2.   Your record of protection - After you get your immunization, you will be given a written record. Tell your doctor the date you received the influenza vaccine.
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